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Dear Partners & Friends,

We are looking forward to having our own ministry centre to enable us to both receive and respond better to the needs, prayer request and praise reports of our partners and friends. As the SCGEM settle down at the outskirts area of Manila to be provided by the Lord, the mentioned items express our very heartbeat.

I urge you to help us realize these things by making the SCGEM part of your prayer-support. With you on our side, we will be able to bring light to people who need it. We believe you will get heavenly credit for it just as if you have done it yourself!

Partnership is God's way for all of us to do so much more together than any of us could alone. As God calls us to combine our spiritual and physical resources, if we obey- Amen! There's nothing we cannot do! Please communicate with us through our contact details.

As a gesture of our appreciation to your love gift, upon your request, we will send you a special gift. Thank you and God bless you all.


Supporting missionaries from two (2) years minimum to five (5) years maximum and can be renewed upon the approval of the Missionary-Evangelist. Bi-monthly reports are required and pictures from missionaries are welcome and can be an added value points.

LCD/Video projector and 16 mm films will be used to proclaim the Gospel of Christ anywhere especially to heavily populated area free of charge. The Evangelistic Team will be highly equipped with necessary equipments including generator, lightings and durable vehicle.

Scholarships will be from pre-school level up to high school level. All concerned parents and students must abide with the rules and regulations set by the Missionary-Evangelist. Special program is allotted for the college level students on special conditions. Vocational and technical courses are also available for those interested parties.


Bible schools and Institutes students will be granted assistance up to full benefits depending upon the approval of the Missionary-Evangelist and compliance with the rules and regulations. Ministers and Bible women studying may be given allowances and full support upon graduation based on their performance and practical workloads.

Assistance may be extended to various legitimate groups such as cooperatives, movements of farmers, ladies, youths, special children, orphanages, homes for the aged and such like, upon the approval of the Missionary-Evangelist and compliance with the rules and regulations. Individuals may benefit from this program on emergency cases only.

Special assistance will be granted to various organizations handling cases such as HIV victims, cancer patients, reforestation, calamity victims and such like.

Upon the approval of the Missionary-Evangelist, soft loans may be granted to any qualified individuals or group beneficiaries in assisting their micro-enterprises with a minimal amount of interest. Rules and regulations must be complied with to be able to claim assistance.

As part of our desire to uplift the standard of living in the community, special project may be initiated depending on the sequence of requests and as the need arises. Baptist churches will be built in the neediest areas with provision for Bible school and educational facilities for all ages.

Feeding centres to various slum areas will be conducted for the benefit of children and adults as well. Highly competent personnel will prepare nutritious simple meals and teaching of the Word of God from Monday to Saturday.

Medical-dental mission may be done occasionally upon the availability of medicines, doctors and nurses to various needy areas.

We will be open to help our Barangay and adjacent places with in their community projects after signing a memorandum of agreement with the blessing of relevant authorities, even from the need of a mother delivering a baby to the burying needs of a person. This is what we call “From Womb to Tomb Project”.

A covered court and gym will be built to provide recreation facilities to people who are sports-loving, self-defence and body fitness enthusiasts.  A systematic program will be observed to ensure great results. Sports competition among young people and adults will be encouraged and assisted on occasional basis.

Upon selection of well-trained personnel and well-prepared program, a radio broadcast will be launched to spread the Gospel of Christ. This is going to be informative, up-to-date program with testimonies of changed lives, spiritual songs and massive fundamental Bible doctrines.

Listeners and prayer partners will receive Bibles, Christian literatures & correspondence courses free of charge to ensure their spiritual growth.

The printing of reading materials with only Christian values and perspective in view. Bibles and other literatures will also be printed in local languages. Christian curriculum authored by local pastors and Christian writers may be printed for home schools, academies and Bible schools’ need.



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